What is self-healing this explanation and how you need to know

What is self-healing this explanation and how you need to know

Bumisuka.com – What is self-healing this explanation and how you need to know. Self-healing has become a common word among young people and social media. Not a few people who use this word to express themselves are trying to improve themselves.

Although often heard and said, do you know what self-healing means? Reported by the Berkeley Well Being Institute, here is an explanation and how to do it.

Self-healing is taken from English which means ‘self-healing’

Because it means ‘self-healing’, people who do self-healing are usually those who need a new atmosphere because they are bored with daily activities. Self-healing itself is also often characterized by going on vacation or visiting places with beautiful views.

Self-healing is defined as the process of recovering from poor health, usually poor emotional health. However, self-healing can also include accompanying physical health issues.

The opposite of self-harm, which means self-harm (suicidal), self-healing is the process of someone releasing negative emotions, trauma, or feelings of discomfort that are buried deep within themselves. After doing self-healing, a person with emotional wounds or past trauma can become more calm and at peace with themselves.

Self-healing should be done continuously and consistently

To heal yourself, there are several ways of self-healing that can be done. It is better if each of the things below are done continuously to make self-healing perpetrators more accustomed to and eventually be able to recover from the inner wound itself.

  • Self-compassion: loving yourself by accepting yourself as you are and realizing that humans cannot achieve perfection. With this awareness, a person will have more empathy for themselves and the mistakes they have made.
  • Mindfulness: or living in the moment is a concept when a person focuses on the situation and emotions he is feeling. He accepted it openly and with full awareness.
  • Me time: making time for yourself can also be the best way of self-healing. Sleeping more, meditating, doing a hobby or hobby will help self-healing actors rediscover their identity.
  • Dialogue with yourself: self-healing can also be done by talking to yourself and doing positive affirmations consistently. These positive suggestions can also help fight negative thoughts that often arise.
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Well, is it clear enough about the explanation of what self-healing is and how to do it? You can immediately apply it so that you can live your day better and confidently. However, if you feel you need the help of others, don’t hesitate to consult an expert, OK!

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