Safe Traveling Steps for Pregnant Women

Safe Traveling Steps for Pregnant Women – Safe Traveling Steps for Pregnant Women. Christmas and New Year’ s holidays (nataru) are in sight. Do you have an idea where to go on vacation? To the beach, mountains, amusement parks, or just a staycation? Traveling anywhere is legal, as long as the body is in a fit condition.

However, some groups require extra preparation if they want to travel. One of them is pregnant women. However, the safety of the mother and fetus must be the top priority.

Departing from this concern, the Bamed Clinic held a virtual media briefing with the theme “Keeping the Body Healthy during the Holidays and Post-Holidays” on Thursday (15/12/2022). There were several topics discussed, one of which was “Traveling during pregnancy” presented by dr. Cherysa Rifiranda, SpOG. Listen, come on!

1. The best time to travel is between the 14th to the 28th week

Unlike ordinary people who can travel at any time, pregnant women need to pay attention to the age of the womb when they want to travel. according to dr. Cherysa, the right time for traveling for pregnant women is between the 14th to the 28th week.

2. Motorcycles are not a safe mode of transportation for pregnant women

Riding a motorbike in close proximity is not a big problem for pregnant women. However, it is not recommended to travel long distances by motorbike, especially if you are alone.

Quoting Vinmec International Hospital, the increasing age of the fetus makes the stomach of pregnant women enlarge. In such conditions, it is difficult to maintain balance and increases the risk of an accident.

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3. If using an airplane, it is recommended to sit on the aisle

If before pregnancy we liked to sit near the window, during pregnancy we are advised to sit near the aisle (aisle seat). This is the best place, considering that pregnant women need extra space and easier access to the toilet.

In addition, before traveling by airplane, check the policies of each airline first. Usually, pregnant women are not allowed to fly if they are 36 weeks pregnant.

4. If you fly frequently, be aware of deep vein thrombosis

Reported by the American Society of Hematology, blood clots in the legs can form because we don’t move for a long time and often sit in narrow places with little room for our feet. The medical term is deep vein thrombosis.

The risk of deep vein thrombosis is three times greater if you fly long distances (four hours or more duration). These blood clots can break off and cause serious complications.

Based on a study published in the journal Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy in 2017, pregnant women are five times more likely to experience deep vein thrombosis. The risk is even greater if we are obese, smoke, rarely move, and have hypertension.

5. Pay attention to what is consumed

During the trip, always pay attention to what we consume. according to dr. Cherysa, pregnant women should avoid raw or undercooked meat and fish. In addition, don’t consume unpasteurized dairy products and always wash the fruit we are going to eat.

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