Reduce Diabetes Risk by Maintaining Daily Calorie Intake

Reduce Diabetes Risk by Maintaining Daily Calorie Intake – Reduce Diabetes Risk by Maintaining Daily Calorie Intake. Diabetes is one of the “silent killer” diseases because this condition is often not realized by the sufferer. In many cases, the symptoms of diabetes take a long time to appear so the disease is not detected early.

Diabetes can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, such as lack of exercise and eating high-calorie foods.

In a release received by IDN Times, dr. Rudy Kurniawan, SpPD, Dip.TH from Eka Hospital BSD, gave tips on controlling calorie intake to reduce the risk of diabetes.

1. How many calories are needed in a day?

Each individual has different calorie needs. For adults, men generally need 2,000 to 2,650 calories per day, while women need 1,800 to 2,250 per day.

However, to find out the exact number of calories needed, you can calculate your daily calorie needs based on your ideal body weight. The recommended figure is 25 to 30 calories per kilogram of ideal body weight.

For diabetics, the daily calorie limit is generally limited to 500 calories of the total daily calorie intake needed.

2. How to count calories in food?

To calculate the amount of calorie intake, you need to know the number of calories in the food that will be consumed. If your daily calorie intake is in the range of 1,800 per day, then you need 600 calories in one meal assuming you eat three times a day.

You can calculate the calorie number by looking at the dose of staple foods, side dishes, to snacks that are usually consumed. If the daily calorie intake has reached the maximum limit, it is recommended to reduce high-calorie foods.

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3. Ideal calories for staple foods

Doctor Rudy also provided information about the amount of food we generally consume. For the staple food category, the most consumed in Indonesia is rice. According to data from the Indonesian Ministry of Health, the number of calories of rice per serving is generally 175 calories per serving. One scoop of white rice is worth 129 calories.

You can take at least 1½ to 2 scoops of rice per serving. However, for other carbohydrate sources, such as bread and corn, the dosage is different because the number of calories is lower.

4. Ideal calories for high-protein side dishes

For the high-protein side dish category, adult men generally need 55 grams of protein, while women need 45 grams of protein per day.

To count the calories of high-protein foods, such as meat, fish, and nuts, you can use your palm to determine the required portion.

For women, the portion of high-protein food required is one hand, while for men it is two fists per serving.

5. Ideal calories for vegetables

Vegetables can be divided into three types, namely low, medium, and high calorie vegetables. For low-calorie categories, such as cucumbers and tomatoes, they can be consumed freely.

For medium calorie vegetables, every 100 grams contains 25 calories. Examples of these types of vegetables are broccoli and carrots. For high-calorie vegetables, examples are jackfruit leaves and cassava leaves.

The recommended daily consumption of vegetables is 250 grams per day. Referring to this number, you can divide your vegetable intake by consuming 1 small bowl for each serving.

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6. Ideal calories for fruits

Fruit basically contains natural sugar which is good for the body. However, the presentation must still be in accordance with the dose so that calorie needs can be met appropriately.

The dose of fruit needs is 150 grams per day. This figure is sufficient to meet nutritional needs while maintaining ideal calorie levels every day. For medium-sized fruit, such as apples, you can eat one fruit at each serving.

For large fruits, such as melons and papayas, you only need to consume to per serving.

Those are some tips for managing the number of calories you consume every day. Let’s reduce the risk of diabetes together by maintaining daily calorie intake and living a healthy lifestyle!

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