My Serving Flour Crispy Mushroom Recipe

My Serving Flour Crispy Mushroom Recipe – My Serving Flour Crispy Mushroom Recipe. Have you ever tried Sweet Couple’s recipe for Sajiku Flour Crispy Mushrooms? This dish is suitable as a snack with the family at home, you know.

These crispy mushrooms have a crunchy texture on the outside and soft on the inside which of course tastes delicious when eaten warm just after frying. Especially if dipped with spicy chili sauce, guaranteed to be addicted!

The ingredients make this dish simple and inexpensive and easy to find. How to make it very practical you know. Interested in making it? Come on, just follow this Sajiku flour crispy mushroom recipe!

  • Dish Type: Snack
  • Serving Quantity: 8 servings
  • Preparation Time: 3 minutes
  • Cooking Time: 20 minutes

My Serving Flour Crispy Mushroom Recipe Ingredients

Prepare the following materials:

  • 8 peeled button mushrooms
  • 1 pack of Seasoned Flour Sajiku
  • Cooking oil
  • Ice water

My Serving Flour Crispy Mushroom Cookware

Prepare the following cooking utensils:

  • Wok
  • Dough container
  • Plate

How to Make My Serving Flour Crispy Mushroom Recipe

Add 1 pack of Sajiku Flour Seasoning for dry dough.
Transfer 1 tablespoon of Sajiku Flour Seasoning to a wet dough container then dissolve it with ice water.
Add the mushrooms to the wet mixture.
Transfer the mushrooms to the dry mixture and then tap lightly.
Put the mushrooms into the hot cooking oil until golden brown, then remove and drain.
Ready to be served.

How are you, Sweet Couple? How easy is it to make a Sajiku flour crispy mushroom recipe? If it’s like this, you can often make this snack. Happy Cooking Sweet Couple!

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