Microwave Using Causes Cancer Is Myth or Fact

Microwave Using Causes Cancer Is Myth or Fact

Bumisuka.com – Microwave Using Causes Cancer Is Myth or Fact. Some people may prefer to use the microwave when heating food. With just a push of a button, the microwave can heat food. Its practicality and speed in heating food are several reasons why the microwave is preferred.

However, some people think that using microwave equipment is harmful to health. Microwave devices are often considered to cause cancer so they are harmful to the body. Is this assumption true? Here’s an explanation.

1. The notion that microwaves cause cancer

Microwaves are often used as food warmers. Microwaves work by emitting certain waves so that food becomes warm.

However, some people say that the use of microwaves is called dangerous for health because the radiation emitted into food makes it carcinogenic so it can trigger cancer. In addition, the use of microwaves is also considered to be able to remove the nutrients in food. In fact, this assumption was denied by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics on its official website.

2. Is it true that microwaves cause cancer?

The news that using a microwave causes cancer and removes nutrients from food is called disinformation by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics. It is stated that heating food using a microwave does not cause cancer.

The assumption that using a microwave also reduces food nutrition is also incorrect, because microwaves can maintain the nutritional content of food. In order not to cause harm to food, the container for heating food must be food grade.

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3. Microwaves in microwave equipment include non-ionizing radiation

The Cancer Council explains that there are several types of radiation that have different energies. Ionizing radiation has high energy and has the potential to damage DNA, especially if exposed to it for a long time.

According to Medical News Today, microwaves are a low-strength form of electromagnetic fields. These waves produce non-ionizing radiation that does not have enough energy to damage cells directly.

Microwave tools are often associated with microwaves. Apart from microwaves, telephones and televisions also use microwaves to transmit signals.

4. How the microwave can warm food

The microwaves in the microwave do not contaminate food with radiation. Verywell Health states that microwave heating devices can convert electrical energy into microwave energy.

When food is placed in the microwave, the energy from the microwaves makes the water molecules in the food vibrate. The vibrations generate heat so the food becomes warm.

5. Microwaves on microwave devices do not contaminate food

WebMD explains that even though food absorbs microwave energy, it doesn’t necessarily make it contaminated or radioactive. Microwaves are non-ionizing radiation that moves the atoms in a molecule, but does not remove electrons. Microwave radiation does not change the chemical composition of food. That is, using a microwave device and consuming food that is heated in the tool is not dangerous.

Non-ionizing radiation from microwaves is only generated when a microwave device is in use. Furthermore, all the microwaves produced will be absorbed by food. Microwave devices are also manufactured in such a way that electromagnetic radiation does not escape from the device.

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The news that using a microwave device causes cancer is not true. Microwaves produce non-ionizing radiation that does not have enough energy to directly damage cells. The microwaves emitted aim to heat food and food remains safe for consumption.

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