Keeping Childhood Friends Is Good For Your Health And Here Are The Facts

Keeping Childhood Friends Is Good For Your Health And Here Are The Facts – Keeping Childhood Friends Is Good For Your Health And Here Are The Facts. Most people grow up with childhood friends in their home environment. The bond that was formed from childhood presents a variety of memories that are imprinted in memory.

Some people are also known to continue to maintain relationships with their childhood friends. They realize that they are special figures and have a special place in their hearts.

Basically, the presence of childhood friends is beneficial for a child’s development. Friends can increase feelings of happiness and reduce stress. So, should one maintain relationships with childhood friends?

1. Friendships are positively correlated to child development

As mentioned earlier, the presence of friends in a child’s life has a positive impact on the rate of his development. According to the Exchange Family Center page, friendships play an important role for children under the age of 7. The friendships that are developed will teach children the valuable means to learn and practice skills related to cognitive, emotional, and social development.

By involving themselves in friendship bonds, children can more easily develop sensitivity. In addition, they will learn to apply conversation as part of their behavior.

Experts suggest the contribution of early childhood friendships to better quality of life and adaptability. This is because when children form strong friendships, they tend to have higher levels of self-esteem. In addition, they are better able to focus on achievement in school.

2. The benefits of maintaining relationships with childhood friends even though they are adults

Many people think of childhood friends as someone who understands the ins and outs of us. They seem to understand well when we are happy, sad, or angry. Moments spent together usually leave beautiful memories.

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Maintaining relationships with childhood friends can actually have benefits, even from a health standpoint. Research in Frontiers in Psychology in 2021 reveals that valuing friendships (including childhood bonds) can maintain better health. This is because the relationship gives rise to happiness and promotes well-being.

Another study published in the journal Psychological Science in 2018 explained that children who spend more time playing with their friends tend to have more ideal blood pressure and weight when they reach their early thirties. However, this study is still focused on boys.

3. Childhood friendships often face problems

It is undeniable that humans experience growth over time. After passing through childhood, humans will move on to the lives of teenagers, adults, to old age. The transition from childhood to adulthood is a transformation phase that brings significant changes.

The life decisions chosen often have an impact on the continuation of friendships with childhood friends. Some decide to move cities to study, work, or build a small family with their partner. From there, incidents rarely meet and even lost contact is a consequence that must be accepted.

4. Are there negative effects of retaining childhood friends?

Not everyone is lucky to have childhood friends who are supportive and positive influences. Realizing it or not, sometimes childhood friends can limit movement in terms of growing and processing to become better individuals.

Childhood friends may look at their friends in a way fixated with the dimension of time. Such perceptions can hamper the pace of independence and direction in achieving life goals.

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There are several signs to consider when setting boundaries with childhood friends. These signs include:

  • If childhood friends exhibit abusive or bullying behavior, then the friendship is unhealthy. However, the act of blaming, teasing, or threatening is not a commendable behavior that can be accepted by someone who is called a friend.
  • When gatherings with childhood friends make you uncomfortable, there’s nothing wrong with setting boundaries.
  • If your childhood friend often uses manipulation tactics to make his friend feel helpless, it’s best to take action immediately so that his behavior doesn’t affect your own well-being.

5. Childhood friends in the frame of caring for each other

Childhood friendships that have lasted into adulthood have been tested in various dimensions of time that have come and gone. It’s not without reason that a person can maintain a relationship with his childhood friend until adulthood.

Either the individual concerned or his childhood friend must cultivate the relationship with a positive attitude. Honesty, caring, and efforts to respect each other are the keys to maintaining friendship.

Basically, anyone can maintain a relationship with their childhood friend into adulthood. It is also undeniable that making friends can bring benefits, including for health. However, still prioritize healthy relationships so that the friendships that are formed are really quality.

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