Is it Safe to Eliminate Leucorrhoea with Betel

Is it Safe to Eliminate Leucorrhoea with Betel – Is it Safe to Eliminate Leucorrhoea with Betel. Leucorrhoea is often a complaint for women. When this problem attacks, the intimate organs become more humid so that bacteria, fungi, viruses multiply more easily.

Leucorrhoea that was initially normal can turn abnormal. The difference between the two can be seen from the symptoms. Normal vaginal discharge does not smell, there is no itching, and is clear or white in color. Conversely, abnormally colored vaginal discharge (yellow, green, red, grayish white, brown), painful, itchy, fishy smelling, sometimes accompanied by blood.

Cleanliness of intimate organs is important to pay attention to when vaginal discharge appears. Many people believe that the use of betel leaves is effective in eradicating leucorrhoea. Is it true that betel leaves are safe and effective for leucorrhoea? Come on, let’s know the answer.

1. What is betel leaf?

Betel leaf is a native Indonesian plant that is used as medicine. There are various types such as green betel, black betel, clove betel, and so on.

Betel leaf is also often used as a toothache remedy. No wonder in ancient times, this plant with the Latin name Piper betle L. was often used for nginang (Java). A combination of whiting, areca nut, gambier, cardamom wrapped in betel leaves is used as a way to treat teeth.

2. The content of betel leaves

When using betel leaf, it smells delicious, strong, sharp, and distinctive. This is due to the presence of kavikol and betlephenol in it. Both of these substances are abundant in betel leaf essential oil.

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The book entitled Benefits and Benefits of Betel Leaf mentions other ingredients of betel leaf, namely sesquiterpenes, cavibetol, hydroxychavicol, eugenol, estragol, and carvacrol.

3. What are the benefits of betel leaf?

You may be familiar with the treatment of nosebleeds using betel leaves. Betel leaves are rolled up and inserted into the bleeding nose. The tannins contained in betel leaves help in stopping bleeding.

Antibacterial and antifungal content in phenolic compounds is very useful for everyday life. The use of betel leaves for health includes overcoming cough symptoms, eliminating body odor, treating diarrhea, and maintaining healthy teeth.

4. Is it safe to use betel leaves for vaginal discharge?

Most individuals prefer the use of natural ingredients to overcome health problems. Even though it is a little complicated, they consider herbal ingredients to be more economical, easy to obtain, and have minimal side effects. For example, the use of betel leaves to overcome leucorrhoea.

Apparently, betel leaf is proven to reduce symptoms of vaginal discharge. A study in the Indonesian Ners Journal, the cavikol content has antibacterial properties which are five times as effective at killing bacteria. Other substances in it such as eugenol can kill fungus and tannins can reduce vaginal discharge. The results of research in the Journal of Health stated that decoction of betel leaves can reduce vaginal discharge symptoms such as an unpleasant odor, reduce itching, and reduce vaginal discharge.

5. How to make betel leaf stew

Boiling betel leaves is easy to apply at home. Wash 10 betel leaves and boil them with 500 ml of clean water with the pot closed. Boil until boiling for about 10 minutes. Then, wait for the stew to cool.

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Boiling water will be greenish yellow and clear. If stored improperly, it will turn brown due to the oxidation process. This water can be used three times a day to wash Miss V. Repeat its use every 2 weeks.

Betel leaves can be used to remove vaginal discharge. However, you need to watch out for vaginal discharge that is not normal. The use of boiled betel water needs to be accompanied by consulting a doctor. This aims to find out the cause of leucorrhoea and treatment of leucorrhoea more optimally.

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