How to find out if the hymen is torn or not

How to find out if the hymen is torn or not – How to find out if the hymen is torn or not. The debate about the hymen and women seems not over. It is true that the hymen, aka hymen, can tear. However, not all women will experience or feel it.

Some people are then curious about how to find out if the hymen has torn or not. Come on, understand the ins and outs of the hymen and how to observe it in this article!

Know what a hymen is

The hymen or hymen is actually a thin tissue that women may have. It is usually located at the vaginal opening. Some women who have it may feel pain or bleed if the hymen is torn, but many don’t.

Although little by little began to change, the social construction that considers the hymen as a sign of virginity is still deeply rooted. There are still many who think that sex is the only thing that can damage the hymen. When in fact the hymen can thin, stretch, and tear for many reasons. Including because of daily activities.

The shape of the hymen does not always meet the vaginal entrance. Valini Gosine, MD., Assistant clinical professor in the department of obstetrics and gynecology at NYU Langone Health, revealed in SELF that it is very natural for women to be born without a hymen. Please note, this tissue also does not have a specific physiological function, including in reproductive health. Therefore, the presence or absence of a hymen does not affect anything.

How to know if the hymen is torn or not

There are pros and cons regarding efforts to see the presence of the hymen. There is an opinion that the hymen can only be felt. According to this view, a damaged hymen may be characterized by blood spots, pain, and visible skin around the vaginal opening.

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However, this depends on the shape of the hymen and how the individual tolerates pain. You can also have trouble seeing the signs when you are menstruating.

In line with this opinion, the ObGyn Women’s Center states that the membrane that forms the hymen does not have enough blood in it. That way, it probably won’t cause any noticeable stains.

Cleveland Clinic also says that the hymen can be damaged naturally over time. After rupture, sometimes the membranes will slide back into the vagina or appear as small folds of skin.

Meanwhile, VuVa Tech shares a few tips on how to see the hymen or hymen using a mirror. The method is like this:

  • Wash hands thoroughly
  • Take the small mirror that you are holding and adjust it with one hand
  • Sit on the edge of a chair where your legs are wide apart
  • Apply a natural personal lubricant to the finger if necessary. This needs to be done if you feel uncomfortable when inserting your finger
  • Position the mirror in front of the vagina at an angle that allows you to see the vaginal opening
  • Use your fingers to open the labia or vaginal lips
  • If the shape of the hymen allows it to be seen, then you can see a thin, fleshy membrane at the bottom of the vaginal opening.

If you are wondering what color the hymen is, Our Body Our Selves explains that the color can be pink or almost transparent. However, if they are thicker, they may appear slightly paler or slightly white regardless of the color of the outer skin.

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Can a torn hymen grow back?

In fact, the hymen is a tissue that can not be repaired. That is, once it has been torn, it will continue to do so and will not grow back.

However, there are scientific developments that allow action to restore the hymen. This effort is known as hymenoplasty action.

This action is performed by looking at the torn skin around the edge of the hymen, then gently and neatly cut. After that, the remaining tissue is sewn together to leave a small hole.

If the hymen is insufficient or absent, surgeons can create one. This action utilizes a portion of the thin skin in the vagina or commonly called the vaginal mucosa or synthetic tissue.

How to find out if the hymen has been torn or not has pros and cons. It’s the same with hymenoplasty. Now, what you need to know, regardless of its shape and presence or absence, the hymen does not describe anything about women.

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