Feeling the Sensation of Ants Crawling on the Surface of the Skin and Beware of Formication

Feeling the Sensation of Ants Crawling on the Surface of the Skin and Beware of Formication

Bumisuka.com – Feeling the Sensation of Ants Crawling on the Surface of the Skin and Beware of Formication. Have you ever felt ants walking on your body? However, after checking, there was nothing? How strange, isn’t it? Such symptoms are called formication.

This kind of sensation is really uncomfortable for the sufferer. It is not impossible that this condition will interfere with daily activities. What is formication and how to deal with it? Check out the full presentation below, come on!

1. What is formication?

The phenomenon of feeling the sensation as if an ant is walking is called formication. This term comes from the Latin, namely formica which means ‘ants’. Feeling sensations on the skin without any kind of physical stimulation is a type of tactile or tactile hallucination.

This kind of sensation is a type of paresthesia. Paresthesia can be in the form of tingling, burning, itching, and also numbness. Paresthesia conditions can occur in the short or long term.

2. Main symptoms of formication

The main symptom that we can feel is the sensation of ants crawling on the surface of the skin. The sensation of walking ants causes itching. That way, we will automatically scratch it. Generally, formication occurs at night.

Constantly scratching to relieve itching will have an impact on the skin. An open wound will be experienced by the skin. It is possible that the open wound will become infected and cause other diseases.

3. Other symptoms of formication

Formation is not just the sensation of ants crawling. This main symptom may be accompanied by other symptoms. This happens depending on the cause.

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Some of these other symptoms are pain all over the body, feeling tired, trembling in the hands or fingers, movement begins to slow down, and the body feels stiff. In addition, we can also feel other symptoms in the form of feeling anxious, depressed, angry, and have difficulty concentrating or brain fog.

4. Factors causing formication

The causative factors of formication are varied. Each sufferer can have different causes. Some of the causes of formication are medical conditions, certain mental health disorders, to the effects of certain medications.

Medical conditions that can cause formication are anemia, fibromyalgia, stroke, HIV, shingles, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, perimenopause, diabetic neuropathy, and skin cancer. Then, anxiety disorders, dermatillomania, depression, and schizophrenia are mental health disorders that can cause formication. Several types of drugs that can trigger the appearance of formication are antibiotics, antifungal drugs, anti-seizure drugs, antidepressant drugs, painkillers, and drugs that affect hormones.

5. How to overcome the appearance of formication

To overcome formication, of course, depends on the cause. However, to reduce itching, topical creams can be used as an option. In addition, use a moisturizing cream so that the skin is always hydrated.

Therefore, if formication appears with too high a frequency, you need to consult a doctor. The doctor will check for formication triggers and give the appropriate medication. Long-term treatment will be carried out if the cause is a medical condition in the form of herpes zoster, Parkinson’s, and fibromyalgia.

The sensation of ants crawling on the surface of the skin does make the skin feel itchy. If itching appears, you don’t need to scratch it intensely. This is to avoid the appearance of open wounds and complications.

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