Exercise Increases Bone Density and Prevents Osteoporosis

Exercise Increases Bone Density and Prevents Osteoporosis

Bumisuka.com – Exercise Increases Bone Density and Prevents Osteoporosis. World Osteoporosis Day or World Osteoporosis Day is observed every 20 October. The aim is to increase public awareness of the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of osteoporosis.

Some people may think that only calcium (in the form of milk or supplements) can prevent osteoporosis. In fact, exercise can also prevent this bone loss disease.

This topic was reviewed in more detail by dr. Antonius Andi Kurniawan, SpKO, sports medicine specialist at Pondok Indah Hospital – Bintaro Jaya in the Health Talk program broadcast live on Instagram. With the theme “The Importance of Exercise to Prevent Osteoporosis”, are you interested in listening?

1. It is a silent disease that needs to be watched out for

According to dr. Andi, osteoporosis comes from the word “osteo” which means bone and “porous” which means porous. Simply put, osteoporosis is a disease of bone loss.

Based on a study in the Journal of Orthopedic Surgery and Research in 2021, of 103,334,579 people with an age range of 15–105 years, 18.3 percent had osteoporosis. Meanwhile, according to research in the 2020 Sandi Husada Health Scientific Journal, the prevalence of osteoporosis in Indonesia is 19.7 percent of the entire population.

2. Women are more at risk of osteoporosis

The International Osteoporosis Foundation states that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men over the age of 50 will experience a fracture due to osteoporosis. Why are women more at risk?

Biologically, men tend to have higher bone density and larger bone size than women, citing research published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine Research in 2017. That’s what makes the risk of osteoporosis in men smaller.

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3. Peak bone mass occurs at the age of 20-30 years

Doctor Andi emphasized that peak bone mass occurs at the age of 20-30 years. However, after the age of 30 years, bone density can not increase anymore, it will even decrease over time. It is recommended to “save” calcium and vitamin D before the age of 30 years to increase bone density.

4. High impact exercise is effective for increasing bone density

Not all types of exercise can increase bone density. Only high impact sports (sports that involve pressure on weight-bearing joints) are effective for preventing osteoporosis, such as jumping rope, jogging, basketball, volleyball, and futsal. Meanwhile, sports that do not increase bone density are swimming and cycling.

5. For those who have osteoporosis, prevent it from falling

If people who have not been exposed to osteoporosis are encouraged to do high impact sports, then people who are already affected by osteoporosis must prevent themselves from falling. Because the bones are porous, even if they fall slowly, the bones can crack or break.

Finally, people who have osteoporosis are advised to train their balance so they don’t fall easily. It’s easy, just stand on one leg and hold it as long as possible.

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