According to Study Gen Z Lies More Often About Their Health

According to Study Gen Z Lies More Often About Their Health – According to Study Gen Z Lies More Often About Their Health. Being open about your medical history to your doctor can be difficult. A recent study conducted by Berxi showed that 77 percent of 1,000 patients admitted to lying about their health when interacting with a healthcare professional.

Gen Z appeared to be the participants who lied the most to doctors about their health. Interestingly, each generation lies about different things. What, yes, the reason? Check out his review below.

1. The common subject of patients lying about their health

The first part of the study reveals the common subjects and motivations that lead to dishonesty. Most patients lied about their lifestyle, especially about alcohol consumption (25 percent), eating habits (23 percent), regular exercise (23 percent), and sexual history (21 percent).

Another 20 percent admitted to lying about their symptoms.

Overall, patients were more likely to lie to their doctor while telehealth (48 percent).

Telehealth or telemedicine service providers have become increasingly popular since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. While this service is helpful, telehealth seems to make it easier for patients to lie about their health.

2. Reasons patients lie about their health

Overall, patients lied because they were afraid of being judged (33 percent), embarrassed (31 percent), or embarrassed (24 percent). Another 21 percent said they lied because they felt judged by a medical professional before, while 19 percent said they denied and avoided the truth.

As many as 15 percent also lie for fear of insurance records. Some may fear that their personal information will be exposed, while others may fear that their health insurance costs will increase.

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Another reason patients lie is because of a lack of confidence in the abilities of health professionals. These patients believe they know better than the health care provider.

3. Every generation has a different reason for lying

Due to cultural, religious, and generational differences, some groups may find it more necessary to lie for some reason. Gen Z is the generation most likely to cover up the truth about their health, especially about their sexual history.

Gen Z is thought to tend to prioritize self-development over sex. This is one of the reasons why they are more embarrassed about the topic.

On the other hand, most millennials lie about their exercise habits, while Gen X lies more about alcohol consumption. For Baby Boomers, most lie about their eating habits.

You can see the percentage of lies for each generation below:

  • Gen Z as much as 93 percent.
  • Millennials are 76 percent.
  • Gen X as much as 75 percent.
  • Baby Boomers as much as 69 percent.

There are many reasons why patients lie to doctors and health care providers. Each generation turns out to have different reasons for lying about their medical history. Make sure to always be honest when talking about your health to the doctor, okay?

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