6 Ways to Overcome Drowsiness Due to Taking Medicine

6 Ways to Overcome Drowsiness Due to Taking Medicine

Bumisuka.com – 6 Ways to Overcome Drowsiness Due to Taking Medicine. Maybe you already know that some types of drugs can cause side effects in the form of drowsiness after consuming them. As with several other types of drugs, there are also digestive disorders as a side effect.

Then, what if you are required to take the drug in order to recover? Here are six ways recommended by doctors to reduce drowsiness or feeling tired after taking the drug.

1. Do light exercise

Reported by WebMD, several types of drugs that can cause drowsiness as a side effect include antihistamines, antidepressants, hypertension drugs, or diabetes drugs. If you are taking one of these types of medication in the middle of an activity that may be quite hectic, then you don’t need to stop taking the medicine to avoid side effects in the form of drowsiness.

However, try doing other things that can overcome the drowsiness or feeling of lethargy that is starting to arise and get extra energy, for example by doing light exercise. If you’re in the office, you can do light stretching in your work chair, or if possible you can choose to use the stairs when going up or down to another floor.

2. Avoid activities that require high awareness and concentration

The most important way to overcome the effects of drowsiness due to drugs is to avoid activities or work that require high awareness and full concentration, such as driving a car, operating heavy machinery, working near a fire, and so on. This method includes self-anticipation, just like light exercise.

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Reported by Harvard Health Publishing, you should take a break from the hard work until you really understand how the drug works in your body. It will be very dangerous if you continue to force yourself to do strenuous activities while you are still under the influence of the drug.

3. Change the dosage

Laura Carr, a pharmacist at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital said through the Harvard Health Publishing page, that in some cases drowsiness will decrease over time because our bodies are able to adapt to these side effects.

If you find that you feel that your body has not been able to adapt to the side effects it has caused, then you can visit your doctor and consult about drowsiness or fatigue that is starting to interfere with your activities. Doctors usually prescribe drugs at lower doses if needed.

4. Consumption of drugs at different times

The third solution that is usually suggested by doctors to reduce or avoid side effects such as drowsiness is to change the time you take the drug.

Usually, at the beginning of the consultation the doctor will immediately tell you that the side effects you might feel are drowsiness or feeling a little lethargic. Then the doctor will suggest taking the medicine in the afternoon after coming home from work or school, or even consuming it just before going to bed.

5. Change the type of drug if it is not possible

Several types of drugs have different usage recommendations. Some are recommended not to be consumed together with certain types of drugs, such as diabetics who must consult a doctor if they want to take antidepressants.

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If, based on the doctor’s observation, it turns out that the effect of drowsiness is enough to interfere with your work or important activities, then chances are the doctor will prescribe another drug that does not cause drowsiness as a side effect as before. Of course, the replacement of this drug should not be done carelessly, it must also be based on a doctor’s prescription.

6. Maintain a healthy sleep pattern

The last way, which includes a “medicine” for all problems or illnesses so that you can recover more quickly, is to maintain good quality sleep. First, the body has enough time to repair damaged cells, second, blood flow becomes more normal because the heart rate is more stable. That way, the body will become healthier and the treatment process will run faster.

If you have good quality sleep and enough sleep time, then it is likely that side effects in the form of drowsiness or feelings of lethargy caused by the drugs you are taking will be avoided and will not have too much of an impact on your daily activities.

Reported by WebMD, drowsiness is actually one of the most common side effects of drugs, both prescribed by doctors and those that are sold freely. Never take additional medication to reduce the side effects of drowsiness, unless it has been recommended by your personal doctor, OK!

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