5 Psychological Facts Behind the Moment of Exchanging Gifts at Christmas Celebration

5 Psychological Facts Behind the Moment of Exchanging Gifts at Christmas Celebration

Bumisuka.com – 5 Psychological Facts Behind the Moment of Exchanging Gifts at Christmas Celebration. Exchanging gifts is one of the identical activities carried out on Christmas Day. Gift exchange is common between family members, friends, partners, or co-workers. Everyone is competing to give the best gift for loved ones.

This moment has its own charm because it seems exciting and also mysterious. But did you know that behind the excitement of exchanging Christmas gifts, there are interesting facts in it? Come on, take a look at some of the psychological facts of gift exchange below!

1. Gives happiness and emotional satisfaction

Exchanging gifts has a pleasant effect on both the giver and the recipient. There is a sense of satisfaction in itself when you see the recipient’s expression on the gifts we give. As a result, happiness and emotional satisfaction increase.

This psychological state brings positive energy, you know. Someone who feels happy will have a good quality of life.

2. Reduce guilt

Guilt will cause psychological disorders in a person. If you overdo it, it can affect your survival, you know. In addition, unresolved guilt can strain your relationships with other people.

So, exchanging gifts can be a means to reduce feelings of guilt to people you have hurt. You can make this moment a place to forgive each other. If we do good things, good treatment will surely come back to us.

3. Strengthen relationships with others

Gift exchange is usually done by people who have a unique and special relationship. However, gift exchange can also be done with people who have never been in a relationship with us. Giving each other gifts can strengthen your relationships with others. Giving gifts reflects if you care for him.

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4. Means to show feelings

Expressing feelings can be done through several media, for example by giving gifts. Feelings that are too buried can have a negative effect on our psychological health, you know.

If you have difficulty expressing your feelings directly, then the moment of exchanging gifts can be an alternative means of delivery. Come on, take advantage of this moment!

5. Not always positive, exchanging gifts can lead to negative feelings

The moment of exchanging gifts can actually make us stressed. Expenses related to gift giving can add to the financial burden. Not to mention our doubts about the recipient’s opinion of the gifts we give.

Giving gifts that are not as expected sometimes also creates negative feelings for both the giver and the recipient. These negative emotions will eventually affect our psychology.

It turns out that behind the long-awaited moment of exchanging gifts there is an interesting psychological fact in it. Make this moment to spread happiness to each other. So that positive energy can be channeled to each other and also have a positive impact on your psychological condition.

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