5 Foods that Hyperglycemia Sufferers Must Avoid

5 Foods that Hyperglycemia Sufferers Must Avoid

Bumisuka.com – 5 Foods that Hyperglycemia Sufferers Must Avoid. Hyperglycemia is a health disorder characterized by high sugar levels in the blood. A person who has it has sugar in their blood exceeding 130 mg/dL before eating or 180 mg/dL after eating within 1 to 2 hours.

Of course this condition should get more attention from sufferers. Moreover, hyperglycemia occurs because a person consumes too much food that contains carbohydrates and sugar. Therefore, hyperglycemia sufferers should avoid the following foods.

1. White rice

Reported by the Harvard School of Public Health, white rice has a high glycemic index. The glycemic index is a measure used to indicate how quickly carbohydrates in food can be converted into sugar. This number is also used to group foods based on their ability to increase blood sugar.

Because it has a high glycemic index, this means that white rice can cause spikes in blood sugar levels. This Indonesian staple food can even elevate it quickly.

It is noted that 100 grams of white rice contains about 0.05 grams of sugar. Even though it looks a little, 100 grams of white rice also contains 28.17 grams of carbohydrates. This substance is converted by the body into sugar.

Instead of white rice, people with hyperglycemia are better off eating brown rice, which has a lower glycemic index, which is around 50. Furthermore, brown rice also contains higher fiber than white rice.

2. Salad dressings

Not all healthy foods have low sugar levels. For example, a salad that uses too much dressing. Even though it makes salads taste better, dressings can make blood sugar rise quickly.

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Intake of sugar found in dressing ingredients such as mayonnaise and cheese in large quantities adds to the already high sugar levels in the blood of hyperglycemia sufferers. Reported by Eat This, if you want to enjoy it, be sure to pay attention to the portion or replace the dressing with lemon juice, sesame oil or mustard to make it healthier.

3. Watermelon

Sugar exists in various forms and one of them is found in fruits. It is referred to as fructose. These sugars are simple carbohydrates that the body uses for energy. Even though fruits contain natural sugars, consuming too much of them can be dangerous for people with hyperglycemia.

Reported by Harvard Health Publishing, there is one fruit that has a high glycemic index, namely watermelon. The glycemic index of watermelon reaches 80. Even though it is known that a glycemic index that exceeds 55 makes blood sugar rise.

4. Junk food

Understanding the amount and type of carbohydrates is important for people with hyperglycemia. Quoted from Medical News Today, balancing insulin levels in the body with carbohydrate intake is the key to managing blood glucose (sugar) levels.

Processed foods like junk food often contain added sugars and carbohydrates which work to quickly increase insulin levels. This can make glucose enter the cells in excess. This condition is dangerous for people with hyperglycemia.

5. White bread

White bread is a source of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index after white rice. That is why, bread is included in the group of foods that can raise blood sugar quickly.

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Reported by Healthline, the high carbohydrate content of white bread can increase blood sugar and hunger. Because, in 100 grams of white bread, it contains about 50 grams of carbohydrates and this substance will be converted into sugar in the body.

Therefore, you should avoid or limit the consumption of the foods above. If not, it will cause health problems such as damage to nerves, kidneys, and diabetes mellitus.

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