5 Causes of Delayed Ejaculation Conditions and Beware

5 Causes of Delayed Ejaculation Conditions and Beware

Bumisuka.com – 5 Causes of Delayed Ejaculation Conditions and Beware. Delayed ejaculation is a reproductive disorder in men. This condition is often referred to as delayed orgasm, and it can affect sperm quality. Not only that, delayed ejaculation can trigger anxiety and decreased libido.

Delayed ejaculation is characterized by difficulty in releasing semen, thereby reducing sexual pleasure. There is no accurate benchmark time to mark delayed ejaculation. However, some sources say men diagnosed with this condition take 30 minutes more to ejaculate.

What are the causes of delayed ejaculation? Come on, peel one by one!

1. Drugs and other substances

Drugs provide a healing effect for disease. However, on the other hand it can cause unwanted side effects. Reported by Medical News Today, drugs that can trigger delayed ejaculation are some antidepressants, antianxiety, blood pressure, and pain relievers.

Excessive alcohol consumption is not good for the body. In fact, drug and alcohol use can be a cause of delayed ejaculation beyond a variety of other health problems.

2. Prostate problems

The prostate gland functions to secrete seminal fluid which contains protein and nutrients to keep sperm alive. If the prostate gland is disturbed, it will have a negative impact on the urinary and reproductive systems.

One prostate disorder that causes delayed orgasm is inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis). In addition, the Mayo Clinic website explains that delayed ejaculation can occur due to prostate surgery (prostate transurethral resection procedure).

3. There is damage to the nerves

Nerves are divided into central nerves and peripheral nerves. Both play a role in regulating performance in the body. Like a wire that conducts electricity, if one part is damaged it will affect the other parts.

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As explained on the Cleveland Clinic page, the physical causes of delayed ejaculation are nerve damage such as strokes, spinal cord injuries, and multiple sclerosis (nervous disorders of the brain, eyes, and spine).

Uncontrolled diabetes can attack the nervous system. This disorder is often called diabetic neuropathy. Delayed ejaculation can arise as a result of complications from diabetes mellitus.

4. Hormonal changes occur

The body produces hormones that have various roles, one of which functions in the ejaculation process. Quoting the Healthline page, low levels of thyroid hormone and testosterone can cause delayed orgasm in men.

Thyroid hormone regulates the body’s metabolism, while the hormone testosterone plays a role in the emergence of sex drive.

5. Psychological problems

Not only physical problems that cause delayed ejaculation, but psychological factors are also involved in it. If the physical condition is not found to be a problem, a psychological examination needs to be explored deeper to find out the cause.

The National Health Service page states that psychological problems that can cause delayed ejaculation include:

  • Worry.
  • Depression.
  • Stress or lots of thoughts.
  • History of sexual trauma.
  • Overly restrictive parenting.
  • Porn addiction.
  • Relationship with partner is not good.

So, those are the various causes of delayed ejaculation. Some of them can be taken to prevent disease. Of course, you don’t want to suffer from this condition and its long-term effects, do you?

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