5 Benefits of Playing Cards and Can Improve Cognitive Ability

 5 Benefits of Playing Cards and Can Improve Cognitive Ability

Bumisuka.com – 5 Benefits of Playing Cards and Can Improve Cognitive Ability. Almost all types of brain teasers have benefits for those who play them. The card game is no exception.

For information, there are many types and types of card games that we can play. Examples such as uno games, poker with playing cards, bridge, to solitaire that can be played alone.

Card games can be a medium for quality time with friends and family, as well as providing health benefits. What are these benefits? To find out, let’s take a look at the following reviews!

1. Improve eye and hand coordination

Motor skills are one of the aspects needed in playing cards. Starting from shuffling cards, distributing, holding, to putting them back to turn off the opponent’s cards, all of them require motor skills.

Without realizing it, the coordination between hand movements and the sense of sight when playing cards can increase the flexibility of both. Therefore, in addition to fun, this game can also be useful as therapy to train hand and eye muscle movements.

2. Train concentration and thinking skills

Card games can be played alone or in groups. To be able to win it, you need a strategy in playing. For example, when we try to analyze the opponent’s movements, what cards should be issued, which ones can be saved to beat the opponent at the end of the game, and so on.

Well, the formation of strategies like this makes the brain active so that it can simultaneously train sharpness in thinking. Plus, at these moments, the brain is also trained to focus and think spontaneously.

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3. Sharpen memory

The ability to concentrate and memory usually work together. It is not surprising that playing cards is considered to train memory.

For example, when we focus on winning the game, we will tend to remember what cards have been issued by ourselves and other players, what strategies are being used, and so on.

4. Strengthening social relations

It is undeniable that card games played in groups can be a medium in strengthening relationships with each other. The reason is, to play this game, verbal and non-verbal communication between players is needed.

The pleasure that arises from these interactions can have a positive impact in the context of self-development. For example, such as honing social skills and interpersonal communication, practicing patience and teamwork skills, to spurring a competitive spirit in a person.

5. Reduces stress and symptoms of depression

Cards are a type of game that can trigger the release of the hormone dopamine and cause pleasure. The comfort that is formed when playing is also an important factor that makes people free to have fun.

Scientifically, this can help release tension, so that the complex thoughts that are being experienced by a person can be eased for a while. In addition, being in the right environment can also help reduce the appearance of signs and symptoms of depression.

In addition to cognitive benefits, playing cards can also have a positive impact on mental and social relationships. This weekend, let’s invite friends and family to spend time playing together.

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