5 Benefits of Alum for Armpits Effective as a Substitute for Chemical Deodorants

5 Benefits of Alum for Armpits Effective as a Substitute for Chemical Deodorants

Bumisuka.com – 5 Benefits of Alum for Armpits Effective as a Substitute for Chemical Deodorants. The armpit is one area of ​​the body that needs attention. The position of the armpit which is at the junction between the upper arm and the shoulder is an area that often causes bad odor, aka body odor. Not only does it cause an unpleasant odor, the armpits also secrete fluid which makes the armpit area moist.

Generally, people use deodorant to prevent sweat and odor in the armpits. The deodorant used is also made from chemicals and is widely available in stores. As common as it may sound, chemical deodorants can cause irritation and other problems in the underarms.

Did you know that there are natural deodorants that can replace chemical deodorants? Apparently, you can use alum which is effective in dealing with problems in your armpits. Moreover, already available alum that is ready to use as a deodorant. What are the benefits, let’s see!

1. Prevents underarm odor

The main problem with the armpits is giving off an unpleasant odor. This odor is the main cause of body odor. To overcome the odor in the armpits, you can use alum crystals. You only need to apply alum crystals to your armpit area.

Unlike chemical deodorants, crystal alum doesn’t have a nice scent. Even so, alum crystals can prevent underarm odor better than chemical deodorants, you know. This is because alum has an antimicrobial effect on the cause of body odor.

The use of alum crystals is perfect for those of you who often do activities during the day. Your underarms will stay fresh and clean when you use alum crystals instead of chemical deodorants.

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2. Brighten dark armpits

The color of the skin on the armpits is often black. This can be caused by the accumulation of dead skin cells and the effect of shaving the armpit hair. This can make your self-confidence decrease. No wonder many people want to lighten their dark underarm skin.

By using alum, your underarm skin can be brighter and cleaner. Alum can remove dead skin cells, oil, and dirt on you. Using alum regularly when you are going to help brighten your underarm skin, you know.

3. Antiseptic after shaving the armpit hair

When shaving your armpit hair, your underarm skin is prone to irritation and becomes more sensitive. To prevent this, you can apply alum to the armpits after you shave.

Alum becomes an antiseptic and astringent on the underarm skin that you have shaved or waxed. Not only that, alum has a content that can prevent irritation due to bacterial infections. When you apply alum crystals after shaving, your armpits will feel smoother.

4. Makes the underarm skin smooth

Underarm skin often becomes rough due to the effects of shaving and accumulation of dead skin cells. To overcome this, you can apply alum to your underarm skin. alum has an exfoliating effect on your underarm skin, so that dead skin cells and oil are lifted.

Using alum on your armpits regularly can smooth your underarm skin. Not only that, your armpits don’t produce excessive sweat. You will feel your underarm skin smoother every time you apply alum.

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5. Does not cause irritation

The use of harsh chemical deodorants can cause irritation for those of you who have sensitive skin. This is because chemical deodorants contain parabens, alcohol, and other harsh ingredients. If used regularly, it can affect the skin for your armpits.

In contrast to alum crystals which do not contain chemicals. Using alum as a deodorant does not cause side effects and is suitable for everyone. No wonder many people turn to alum to avoid the effects of chemical deodorants on the armpits.

Besides its good benefits for the armpits, alum does not have side effects like chemical deodorants. Already widely available alum in liquid or crystal form ready to use as a natural deodorant. This makes alum an alternative for those of you who want to leave chemical deodorants.

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